Sunday 10:30 AM Sermons

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ITS TIME, By Danny Houde, August 20, 2017.
Going Through The Motions, By Mark Hall, August 13, 2017.
Keep Walking, By Mark Hall, August 6, 2017.
Looking Back, By Mark Hall, July 30, 2017.
The Dangers of Selfishness, By Ronda Kiesser, July 23, 2017.
ComeAway, By Mark Hall, July 16, 2017.
Unshakable, By Mark Hall, July 9, 2017.
America, Bless God, By Mark Hall, July 2, 2017.
Another Gospel pt3, By Lester Hall , June 25, 2017.
Men Behaving Godly, By Mark Hall, June 18, 2017.