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Preacher: Laurie Houde (1), Abe Madinger (1), Ronda Kiesser (1), Mark Hall (1), Danny Houde (1), Lester Hall  (1).
Date: January (3), February (3)
How to Recieve a Promise, By Laurie Houde, February 15, 2015.
How to Sow How to Grow, By Abe Madinger, February 8, 2015.
Sowing Your Need, By Ronda Kiesser, February 1, 2015.
Prove All Things, By Mark Hall, January 25, 2015.
Are You a Believer?, By Danny Houde, January 18, 2015.
The Law of Reciprocity, By Lester Hall , January 11, 2015.