Youth Sermons

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The Gift of Riches, By Danny Houde, November 29, 2017.
Be Content, By Danny Houde, November 22, 2017.
Higher Way of Living, Higher Way of Thinking, By Danny Houde, November 15, 2017.
Do You Believe?, By Laurie Houde, November 8, 2017.
Tempted to Sin, By Travis Morgan, November 1, 2017.
Double Standards, By Danny Houde, October 18, 2017.
Thankless and Satisfied , By Danny Houde, October 11, 2017.
Remember That Time..., By Travis Morgan, October 4, 2017.
Intercession, By Danny Houde, September 27, 2017.
It's a Relay Race, By Danny Houde, September 20, 2017.