Growth Track

As a church, we believe that God has an incredible purpose for everyone. New Life’s Growth Track is designed to help each and every member of our church family, and those who are wanting to become a part of it, connect with that purpose. Our Growth Track is divided into three steps, each uniquely designed with that purpose in mind. Currently, the 3-week class is offered three times a year.


12:30 PM
Lower level of New Life

This step is a basic introduction to our church family and includes a tour of the campus. Pastors Danny & Laurie clearly explain who we are, what we believe, and how you can make New Life your home by becoming a church member. This class provides lunch for you and your family. Childcare is available. 


9:00 AM
BCS Library (Across the parking lot.)

Discovering your design will help you see how God uniquely created you. Through understanding your personality and unique gifts, you will be prepared to serve others in the way God designed. Servant Leadership will help you understand that leadership is influence. We want to help you use your gifts and passions to make a difference in the lives of others. 


SUNDAY • 9:00 AM
BCS Library (Across the parking lot.)

This step is designed to equip and connect you to volunteer opportunities at New Life. You will be presented with all the different areas of our ministry where you could potentially get plugged in. You will also be provided with all the final steps necessary to help you live out your purpose by using your God-given gifts. 


The final step in the process of becoming a part of the Reach Team is to fill out a Volunteer Application, complete the Reach Team Card and get set up on Planning Center. You are now ready to plug-in and start serving!