Pastor Hall came to know the Lord at the age of eighteen while attending a revival meeting in Springfield, Ohio. After being saved, he went to a 3 month Bible school which ignited a deep longing in his heart to know God and to share that knowledge with the children of God. As a young man, Pastor Hall would spend days and nights studying and seeking God to know Him in the depths of His truth. Fasting was a regular part of his lifestyle. On two separate occasions, God allowed angel visitations where God’s message was special and personal to Him. While in the Church of God, Pastor Hall, founded numerous churches around the United States. As one of the twelve counselors of the organization, and the Apostle to the Jews, he traveled to Israel doing business on the behalf of the church. The last few years of his service with the Church of God were as a field representative. The church furnished him a private plane with which to look after the churches. In 1980, God spoke to Pastor Hall and called him to leave the Church of God organization for the purpose of beginning a new ministry. It was with great sadness of heart and apprehension, that he resigned his post and moved from Marietta, GA to Billings, MT to start what is now New Life Church.

Pastor Hall is married to Jewel Hall, of which they have 4 children: Matt, Mark, Angie & Carla. Pastor Hall says, “My passions are to love Jesus with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength until God calls me home. My hopes and dreams are to leave behind me men and women who also love Jesus with all they are.” He also states, “I am blessed to have my son Mark as my associate, my daughter Carla as music director, and Matt and Angie serving and loving the Lord along with my 9 grandchildren.”

Interests: buying and selling cars and motorcycles, golfing, and taking drives with his wife Jewel.